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Locus: Spatial Music Notation

This document introduces a new music notation symbol that allows composers and orchestrators to use sound spatialization as a composition and orchestration device. Download Original PDF

Historical & Artistic Uses of Spatialization in Music

This paper discusses local-spatialization as a property of sound and music. Download Original PDF

The History of Brazilian Sertanejo Music

From the rural caipira music to the urban sertanejo, a history of stigma and cultural expression Download Original PDF

Intermezzo in A Major Musical Analysis

A harmonic and melodic analysis of Brahms's Intermezzo in A Major Op. 118, No.2 Download Original PDF

Beethoven Sonata No. 10 Musical Analysis

A harmonic and melodic analysis of Beethoven's Sonata No. 10 Download Original PDF

The Music and History of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation

An analysis of the historical climate during the protestant reformation and it's impacts in music Download Original PDF

Samba de Enredo and the Afro Brazilian Carnival

The history of Brazil's most recognized music genre Download Original PDF

Contemporary Aplications on Music of the African Diaspora

A study of music analyzed from the perspective it's African roots Download Original PDF

Les Six and Their Music

A study on the creation of the composers group Les Six Download Original PDF

The Productions of George Avakian

A study of George Avakian's inovations as a music producer Download Original PDF

Gnossienne No. 1 Analysis

A harmonic and melodic analysis of Erik Satie's Gnossienne No. 1 Download Original PDF

Musical Improvisation: Play, Efficiency, and Signifnicance

A paper Summary based on A. J. Racy's article on Musical Improvisation Download Original PDF

Ennio Morricone’s Once Upon a Time in The West

A study on Ennio Morricone's score for the movie Once Upon a Time in The West Download Original PDF

Functions of Film Music Analysis: Frida and Harry Potter

A score analysis for the movies Frida and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Download Original PDF

Arrival Score Analysis

A score analysis for the movie Arival Download Original PDF

Functions of Film Music: Michael Clayton

A score analysis for the movies Michael Clayton Download Original PDF

Ghassan Sawalhi’s Project Analysis

A performance analysis from the perspective of traditional microtonal music Download Original PDF


Die Welle Film Analysis

A study on doctrine films based on the film Die Welle (The Wave) Download Original PDF

Magic, Showers Aand Schopenhauer

An analysis of the movie Life is Beautiful and it's philosophy Download Original PDF

Grand Budapest Hotel's Image Systems

A study on the movie Grand Budapest Hotel's image systems Download Original PDF

Cinema on The Edge: Classic After Classic

A study on Stanley Kubrick's life and movies Download Original PDF

Mona Lisa Curse Movie Review

A movie review on: The Monalisa Curse Download Original PDF

Can I Sell You a Daydream?

My vision for the future of storytelling Download Original PDF

Score Analysis: Jane Eyre

A Post-Romantic Score Analysis for the 2011 movie Jane Eyre Download Original PDF

Think Like a Cinematographer: Rush

A cinematography analysis of the movie Rush Download Original PDF

Critical Analysis of: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

A film analysis of the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Download Original PDF


Synthetic Reverberation Spatial Ambisonic Sound for 360 Video, SFX and Music

Different methods of generating synthetic reverberation for 360 video, sfx and music using ambisonic sound Download Original PDF


A Study of Drug Culture in American Music of the 60’s and 70’s Download Original PDF

Film Composer Studio Acoustic Design

An architectural proposal for a film composer studio Download Original PDF

Human Interaction Psychology Analysis: Ear Training Tutoring Session

A study on the roles of an ear training tutor and student Download Original PDF

1920s Lindy Hop in The New Era

A Study of Lindy Hop’s History and Contemporary Culture Download Original PDF

The Deliberate Ambiguities of Isabella Stewart Gardner

An opinion piece on the curious will of Isabella Stewart Gardner Download Original PDF

Book Review: Saving Italy

A book review on the book: Saving Italy Download Original PDF

Psychoanalytic Reading of: The Turn of the Screw

An analysis of the book The Turn of the Screw through the psychoanalytic perspective Download Original PDF

Parthenon Marbles

An opinion piece on the legitimate owner of the Parthenon Marbles Download Original PDF

Laugh Breakouts And Analysis

A human interaction psychology study on Display of hummor confirmation Download Original PDF

The Park

Biographical story Download Original PDF

Lyrical History of American Culture

A study on the music history of America from 1920 to 1960 Download Original PDF

Political Aspects of Lindy Hop on the Past and Present

A brief study on Lindy Hop's contemporary political implications Download Original PDF

Prolonged Conversational Pauses

A psychology of human interaction study on long conversational pauses and their implications Download Original PDF


An original ficion paper Download Original PDF

My hands have surprised me

Original fiction writing Download Original PDF

Concert Experience: A Night With The Boston Symphony Orchestra

A concert review of the Boston Symphony Orchestra Download Original PDF

Reading Response: Black Skin White Masks

Book Criticism on Black Skin White Masks Download Original PDF

Reading Response: Speculum of The other Woman

An analysis of the article Speculum of The Other Woman Download Original PDF

Black Skin White Masks: Unconcluded Deduction

An analysis on the book Black Skin White Masks Download Original PDF

Game Feel Analysis: Cribbage

An analysis of Cribbage, a British card game Download Original PDF

Freud And Beyond

A reading response to the article Freud And Beyond Download Original PDF

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