Media composing is the art of improving storytelling through the use of music. The collaboration between creator and composer enhances the viewer's experience by establishing setting, mood, characters, motifs, pace, and driving the viewer’s emotional path. My journey as a film and new media composer, through narrative-based storytelling and virtual reality developer, has lead me to many rewarding collaborations with creators of all fields. My interest in traditional orchestral music and technology renders a balance between motivic, classical writing and interactive spatial music.

Luis Zanforlin is a virtual reality engineer and contemporary orchestral music composer.

He currently works as a research associate and VR developer at MIT where he creates new media experiences and contributes in teaching virtual reality and immersive media. In 2019 he developed Qubit Arcade, a quantum computing VR learning experience and interface at MIT Open Learning which led him to co-found Maku XR, an experimental media studio. In 2021 he received a grant from NCSOFT in collaboration with MIT.nano and MIT RLE to continue development in Qubit Arcade. He is also the creator of locus, a spatial music notation symbol used by spatial and contemporary music composers.

He holds diplomas in Film Production and Design from Vancouver Film School and a BA in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music.

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