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Film composing, an art with the goal of improving storytelling to it’s best through the use of music. Nowadays, film composing (also known as film scoring) has become one of the director’s most efficient and sophisticated way to tap into the audience’s subconscious. A well composed soundtrack is also capable of improving the narrative form, establishing geographical location, connecting characters and scenes, increasing/decreasing pace, creating contrast between plot and subplot and driving the viewer’s emotional path.

My composing process is entirely dictated by the production and narrative needs, I believe the best soundtracks are ones that have all of it’s elements put together in favor of the story and the best way to ensure this, is encouraging communication between director and composer. Collaboration is the key to success in any art form and this is specially true in the art of film-making, good scores often comes from collaboration between composers, sound designers and picture editors. Through this and other processes I hope to contribute with the telling of your story so it deeply moves your audience.

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